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UniQon DMS

AutoSwift DMS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system - a simple and easy to use yet comprehensive DMS system includes all the modules required to successfully and easily manage your automobile dealership and retail business – Vehicle Sales & After Sales

UniQon DMS (Dealer Management System for Vehicle Sales & After Sales)

AutoSwift DMS - Sales enables you easily manage your stock orders & sales, back to back order and custom or made to order vehicle purchases and sales. Features like order conversion from stock to custom & vice versa, stock to demo vehicles, press vehicles, Trade-in options etc., will remove the burden of managing these transactions separately outside the system. The built-in VAT (Value Added Tax) feature also enables you to effectively charge and accommodate VAT filing and returns.

AutoSwift DMS Sales - system features :

Vehicles Sales Module :

  • Customer Enquiries & Vehicle Bookings with Standard / Customized options
  • Stock / Custom Vehicles Orders
  • Order Conversions from Custom to Stock & Vice Versa
  • Demo/Press Vehicle Conversions
  • Vehicle Trade-in options
  • Invoices, Receipts & Delivery Notes

Demo / Pre-Owned Vehicles Module :

  • Demo/Press Vehicle Registration
  • Pre-owned evaluation and Purchases
  • Press vehicle depreciation
  • Pre-owned pricing

Vehicles Purchase Module :

  • Stock & Custom, Purchase Orders
  • Goods In Transit
  • Goods Receipt Note / Costing
  • Vehicle Expense Booking
  • Supplier Invoice and Payments

Vehicle Inventory / Masters :

  • Stock Preview - On-Hand, In-Transit, Pre-owned Custom Order Vehicles
  • Vehicle Standard Specifications
  • Vehicle Optional Specifications
  • Vehicle Color Details (Interior / Exterior)
  • Accessories ( Spoiler, Antenna, Mobile Kit etc. )
  • Other details ( Engine No, Chasis No, Make, Model etc.. )

Merchandise/Accessories Module :

  • Merchandise / Accessories Sales
  • Purchase & Goods Receipt Note
  • Receipts & Issues
  • Customer Invoice and Receipts
  • Stock Adjustments
Vehicle After Sales - ( Workshop Module )

AutoSwift After-Sales workshop/service repair modules takes care of all the after-sales vehicle repairs and workshop requirements. Features like creation of vehicle repair estimates & job cards, warranty, service contracts and options of invoicing the Insurance company (in case of accident repairs) or pricing on the basis of internal, retail and warranty goes a long way in easily managing the workshop.

AutoSwift DMS After Sales - system features :

Job Card/Operations Module :

  • Estimation, Job Card, Delivery Note & Invoice
  • Labor Charges, Spare Parts, Lubricants, Tires, Consumables, Sublet & Other Details
  • Parts Requisition, Purchase Orders, Receipts & Issues to Job/Shop Floor
  • Option to assign Jobs to technicians and capture labor clock-in hours to determine the labor efficiency and productivity
  • Options to predefine Job Menus / Templates for different Vehicle based on Job Type
  • Options to input Jobs by Job Types, Department with relevant reports & ledgers
  • The Status of each Job can be checked to know the actual stages of each job like "Opened", "Started" and "Complete"
  • Option to create New Jobs, Re-work Jobs, Warranty Jobs etc.
  • Credit Limit option in the Customer Master to setup a max credit allowed and the system to block New Jobs if credit exceeds limit
  • Associate Customer’s, Vehicles/Fleet with tracking of Reg No., Engine No, Chaises etc.
  • Options to create one or more of the following Invoices :
    • Cash Customer Invoices (Full & Excess)
    • Warranty Invoices
    • Insurance Invoices (Full & Part)
    • Service Contract Invoices
  • Vehicle Service History Reports, Job Card Ledgers, Invoice Ledgers, Profitability reports, Outstanding Statements etc

Vehicle Warranty Module :

  • Option to create warranty Jobs with Parts, Labor & Miscellaneous under warranty coverage
  • Warranty jobs to automatically pick warranty rates for Parts & Labor rate + hours as per the Principal company’s ( as specified by the manufacturer)
  • Invoicing warranty Jobs to the manufacturer
  • Warranty Claims Status reports ( to meet the criteria of claiming within 14 days )

Purchase, Sales and Inventory Module :

  • Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Purchase Returns
  • Direct Parts & Accessories Sales Module
  • Stock Adjustments, Stock Take & Stock Reconciliation
  • Location / Rack / Bin option in the Item Master
  • Fast Moving, Dead & Slow Stock & Inventory Reports
  • Stock Report / Spare Parts Reports with [WAC/FIFO] Value
  • Stock Movement (Detailed & Summary) and Re-order Level reports
Financial Accounting Module

AutoSwift Financial Accounting includes all the Standard dealer management financial accounting modules like the Accounts Receivables and Payables, General Ledgers, Cash & Bank Books, Statement of Accounts, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet.

The AutoSwift-Financials standard system features :

Accounts Receivables, Payables and General Ledger :

  • Advances, Receipts & Payments
  • Statements of Accounts ( Customers & Supplier’s Outstanding)
  • Journal Vouchers, Debit & Credit Notes
  • Adjustment and Rectification Vouchers
  • Accounts Statements, Debtors & Creditors Reports / Ageing Reports
  • Main Account and Sub Account Ledgers
  • Income, Profit and Loss Statements
  • Trial Balance and Balance Sheet

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